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Feedback destroyer
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Stereo DSP feedback controller

  • Prevents acoustic feedback appearing in PA systems
  • 12 steep-edged precision notch filters for each stereo channel
  • Editable filter parameters (supplied with software)
  • 4 factory presets, 16 user presets
  • Mono operation or 2-channel operation possible
  • AD/DA resolution: 24 bits
  • 45 dB attenuation (with gradual reduction in variable mode)
  • Optionally continuous signal monitoring (auto notch) or manual setting of the required filters (manual notch)
  • Backlit 2 x 20 dot matrix display
  • Adjustable input level and output level
  • Bypass function
  • Clip LED
  • Balanced inputs and outputs: XLR and 6.3 mm jack
  • USB port (Type-A)
  • MIDI input and output
  • 482 mm (19") rack installation, 1 RS

Xound 2014/6
“An interesting tool for live applications which is able to solve various tricky feedback problems. No matter whether for a monitor or for FOH, the controller MFE-212 delivers a great performance. There is no perceivable difference in sound when switching to bypass mode, i.e. the controller provides a clear and precise sound performance.”





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