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PA-søjlehøjttaler aktiv DSP
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er et kompakt aktivt 3-vejs PA søjlehøjttalersystem med DSP-styret 2-kanals class D forstærker og en 4-kanals mixer. Systemet består af en subwoofer med meget høj effekt med to 20 cm (8") basenheder og to søjlemoduler monteret med i alt tolv 7,6 cm (3") full range højttalere og to 2,5 cm (1") tweeters. Med den integrerede DSP kan lydegenskaberne for hver af de 4 indgange justeres individuelt. Systemet leverer en kraftfuld lyd og kan benyttes til mange formål. Komponenterne samles og forbindes via en "twist-and-lock" mekanisme, dvs. der er ingen kabler mellem subwoofer og søjle. 


Aktivt PA søjlehøjttalersystem med DSP, 800 W



  • Kompakt full range system med basreflekssubwoofer og to søjlemoduler
  • 2 x 20 cm (8") basenheder, 12 x 7,6 cm (3") full range højttalere og 2 x 2,5 cm (1") tweeters i lukket kabinet
  • 2-kanals class D forstærker, 2 x 400 W
  • DSP-styret delefilter, equalizer og limiter
  • SPL: 115 dB nominel effekt, musik: 118 dB, peak: 122 dB
  • 4-kanals mixer
  • Justerbare lydegenskaber
  • Indikator for signal, limiter og clip
  • Feed-through udgang, optageudgang og mix udgang
  • Trækabinet i høj kvalitet med frontgitter i metal
  • Ingen kabler, komponenter forbindes ved hjælp af "twist-and-lock" mekanisme
  • Leveres uden beskyttelsespose sæt C-RAY/8BAG, kan købes separat


tools4music 01/2015

"I like it! The C-RAY/8 from IMG STAGELINE is easy to transport, provides a perfectly tuned sound and is of an unobtrusive design. It is quickly set up and ready for use. These are perfect prerequisites for leaving a lasting impression with small acoustic bands, DJs and multimedia PA applications. Thanks to digital signal processing, it is possible to carry out audible sound adjustments quickly with one equalizer control only. Thus, operating the mixer is child's play and also suitable for inexperienced users. When purchasing this device, the customer should also consider the intermediate pieces C-RAY/8EXT which considerably extend the range of applicaiton."

+ Unobtrusive design suitable for galas

+ Easy to use

+ Internal 4-channel mixer

+ Sound tuning

+ Individual volume control for the bass speaker system

+ Top-operated mixer

+ Price

+ Quickly set up and disassembled

+ Easy to transport

- Protective covers available at a relatively unfavourable price

okey 121, 11/2014

"There are many column PA speakers available already. We may have to ask ourselves: do we need any more of those™ If they are well-designed speakers, of course we do! With the C-RAY/8, IMG STAGELINE offers a speaker which is available at a reasonable price and provides an absolutely impressive sound in its class. It is suitable for versatile applications with sufficient power capabilities for entertainers. At the same time, it provides a well-balanced sound and is easy to use. What more do you want™ If you are looking for a new and compact speaker system with a particularly good price-performance ratio, come and try out the C-RAY/8. It is worth it!"


"A high-quality PA column speaker ... easy to transport, quick to assemble and easy to use. ... even smaller concerts can be realised with this system."

tastenwelt 05/2014

"Clever column speaker! The arrangement of the speakers in the columns allows for an extraordinary operating range and a consistent radiation pattern. It provides an impressive bass performance ... volume levels suitable for a party."







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