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100V dig. forstærker ´DEMO´
Varenr: 17.7080
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Mono class D PA power amplifier,
with energy-saving effect.

  • 1 x 500 W
  • Class D concept with a high efficiency of more than 90% to reduce energy costs
  • Additional integrated energy-saving functions, e.g. device automatically goes to standby mode when no input signal is present (as soon as an input signal is detected, the amplifier is automatically switched on again)
  • Requires a significantly lower rechargeable battery capacity for emergency power operation than 100 V analogue amplifiers
  • Clearly reduced cooling requirements due to low heat dispersion
  • Special protective circuits prevent damage caused by short circuit or overheating
  • Switchable 200 Hz high-pass filter, 6 dB/oct.
  • Additional priority input
  • Mains operation or 24 V emergency power operation





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