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VoiceBridge standard
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Safe and clear communication despite protective screens, acrylic glass panels, splash guards and hygiene walls:
Since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, screens made of safety glass or acrylic glass equally protect staff, patients and customers.
The VOICEBRIDGE ensures clear and intelligible communication at checkouts, information desks, etc. despite safety distance, hygiene walls and face masks.
The VOICEBRIDGE is a safe, hygienic and flexible solution which is particularly suitable for acrylic walls and acrylic cubicles at pharmacies, practices, shops and supermarkets as well as for visitor boxes in retirement homes. Thus, facilitating consultation and communication.
kit consists of:

  • 1 x microphone station for customers
  • 1 x microphone station for staff
  • 1 x power supply
  • incl. required cables
  • incl. double-sided adhesive tape

The VOICEBRIDGE can very easily be integrated into your environment and workflows:

  • Non-contact: infrared sensors detect if a person is standing in front of the device
  • Retrofitting: no integration into existing systems or networks required
  • Hygiene: device can easily be cleaned with a surface cleaner
  • POS: ideally suited for highly frequented areas
  • No extensive staff training required





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