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High-tech compact subwoofer, 100 W, 4 Ω

  • Subwoofer installation possible into the smallest volume
  • 18 cm (6½") compact bass speaker
  • Fast and surpisingly deep bass reproduction with an equally good level stability in small cabinets
  • First choice as a high-performance kick bass speaker
  • With an ideal balance between suspension stability and long excursion, a perfect response is achieved in the complete bass range

Klang+Ton 02/2016
“An audio-visual PA solution: the reader's project of a sound bar with 2 x RAPTOR-6 and 2 x SPX-31M from MONACOR. With a width of 150 cm, it is also suitable for larger screens. The depth of 20 cm allows for sufficient stability. It provides a well-balanced, fast and dynamic sound. This design provides a higher dynamic efficiency than most ready-made products available on the market.”
HOBBY HiFi 06/2015
“It is almost impossible to get a smaller subwoofer which is still able to provide such a superb deep bass reproduction.”





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