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Trådløs 230V tænd/sluk
Varenr: 05.0271



Remote-controlled switch sockets, set of 3
For conveniently switching electrical appliances and lights up to 1,000 W on or off, even through walls. The receiver sockets are simply connected between mains socket and the appliance to be switched. The power is supplied via the existing mains socket.

  • Frequency: 433.92 MHz
  • Operating range: up to 25 m
  • Child safety sockets
  • Power rating: up to 1,000 W per socket
  • Switching status indicator at the receiver, can also be operated manually
  • Easy and flexible use due to self-learning coding
  • Fail-safe due to more than 65,000 different codes
  • Permanent storage of coding, even in case of a prolonged power failure
  • 4-channel hand-held transmitter for universal control of individual receivers or multiple receivers at the same time
  • Matching 3 V replacement battery CR-2032 is available at option





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