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12´´ 2-vejs koax-højttaler
Varenr: 10.2240



2-way coaxial PA speaker,
with integrated horn tweeter.

  • 30 cm (12") PA bass speaker of high power capability and high efficiency
  • Coaxially arranged horn tweeter with 25 mm (1", voice coil = 44 mm) high-frequency driver
  • Excellent sound characteristics
  • Robust diecast basket with rear-ventilated centering spider
  • 75 mm (3") heat-resistant voice coil on a polyamide voice coil former (TIL)
  • Excellent and consistent radiation pattern
  • Ideally suited for stage monitors or very compact full range speaker systems
  • Operation only allowed with crossover network (recommended crossover frequency: 1,800 Hz)

Klang+Ton 08,09/2016
“Even at high volume levels which are anything but neighbour-friendly, you can still lean back and enjoy the sound - that's exactly how PA speakers should be. The Stage 12 is a well-balanced speaker system of high efficiency ...”

Klang+Ton 01/2015
“Excellent coaxial speaker.”





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