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MondeF 2 Zone Streamer
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MondeF 2-zone network audio server (Dante®)
for professionally streaming Dante® audio data. Equipped with 2 Dante® outputs, 8 Dante® inputs. The server is completely pre-configured with MondeF software, drivers and the Audinate Dante® software for use with Dante® audio products.
The installed software includes Internet radio (120 channels max. simultaneously), announcement feature, (programmable) alarms/announcements, scheduling, playlists etc.
Furthermore, the server provides a variety of connection facilities, such as USB (4 x), RJ45 network connection, HDMI™ output and DisplayPort for connecting up to 2 optional monitors or touch screens, thus allowing for a convenient operation of all network components.
MondeF 2-zone network audio server (Dante®)

  • 2 Dante® outputs
  • 8 Dante® inputs
  • Completely pre-configured, including installed software and drivers
  • Miniature server, slimline design, flat plastic housing
  • Operating system: Windows 10 Professional, 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel Celeron 3865U, 1.8 GHz, Intel HD Graphics 610, supports 2160p/60 Hz
  • Wireless LAN 802.11n, internal antenna
  • Can be mounted either as a wall/tabletop unit or directly on the rear of the monitor/touch screen (VESA mount)
  • Supplied with power supply, supporting feet and VESA mount (75/100 mm)

The brand Dante® as well as the Dante® software which may have been integrated into these products are licenced by Audinate Pty Ltd.





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