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100V forstærker 4x240W EN54
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Class D PA power amplifier,
for application in professional PA systems and for setting up standardised voice alarm systems (VAS) according to EN 54-16 when combined with audio management system EVA-16/2.

  • 4 x 240 W
  • 4 independent digital amplifier channels, each with its own digital power supply
  • One of the 4 channels can be used as backup amplifier
  • LEDs for indicating protect, signal, overload, standby and operating voltage
  • In case of power failure, power is supplied for each amplfier channel individually via DC 24 V inputs
  • Failure of one amplifier channel does not affect the other channels (not even with battery operation)
  • Protective circuits to protect against thermal overload, input DC voltage, low-frequency input signals as well as overload or short circuit at the output
  • Each amplifier channel can be assigned with its own audio signal via system controller (e.g. EVA-16/2 or EVALINE-EN/2)
  • 482 mm (19") rack installation with fitted mounting brackets





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