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Varenr: 29.2050



XLR function tester, 48 V,
with integrated pink noise generator.

  • For an easy and fast functional test of balanced microphone cables or of microphone inputs on stage
  • Visual fault indication via LED

  • Flashing twice: pin 2 of XLR cable is defective
  • Flashing three times: pin 3 of XLR cable is defective
  • LED is off: pin 1 or phantom power is defective
  • LED is lighting up permanently: faultless cable, noise generator

  • 3-pole XLR plug
  • Power supply via phantom power: 9-48 V
  • Output amplitude: 100 mVpp
  • Dimensions: Ø 19 mm x 74 mm
  • Weight: 31 g

“Useful tools for practical applications. The CTG testers (CTG-1NOISE & CTG-1SINE) are beneficial for stagehands who frequently have to search for the reason why there is no incoming signal.”
+ Extra compact size
+ Reliable operation
+ Visual and acoustic indication

tools4music 03/2012
“The optogate phantom power line tester and the pink noise generator are ideally suited for applications on stage and in front of it. Anyone insisting on useful tools will love it. Totally recommendable. With both test candidates, a line check is far quicker and equally reliable. The visual and acoustic indications ensure a quick and reliable operation on stage - an absolute advantage.”





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