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Søjlehøjttalersæt 80Wmax 4 ohm
Varenr: 16.3450



These super slimline speaker systems
are the perfect solution whenever unobtrusive PA technology and a high-quality sound are required at the same time. These slimline array speakers were technically feasible only due to the development of new speaker systems which are a combination of flat cone speakers and magnetostatic drive. For a full range sound reproduction, the application of a subwoofer system is recommended.
Pair of line array design speakers, 4 Ω,
in slimline extruded aluminium cabinets.

  • Elegant slimline design
  • Cross-sectional area not much bigger than a 1 Euro coin
  • New type of speaker systems with magnetostatic drive and flat cone speakers
  • Very wide bandwidth reproduction with an excellent sound quality
  • High transmission range due to line array system
  • Connection via screw terminal
  • Fine-meshed front grille with fleece lining
  • Supplied with mounting brackets and connection cables

tools4music 4/2017
“Design speaker, column speaker, array speaker - the ETS-120SL/WS from MONACOR is almost invisible due to its narrow width and depth, despite its height of 1,200 mm. Thus, it is possible to implement unobtrusive PA applications in room corners and well-designed residential or commercial environments. The speaker provides an unobtrusive sound and combined with respective subwoofer support and integration into a controller-optimised setting, the fun is just beginning. You can't see anything, but it is quite impressive when the subwoofer starts to provide a powerful bass combined with the high-resolution speakers ETS-120SL/WS. Not exactly a bargain, but 'invisible speakers' for a stylish lifestyle ambience may actually be an invaluable asset. Therefore, thumbs up for an unobtrusive speaker which provides a great sound just for the ears.”
Pros and Cons
+ fine sound
+ unobtrusive appearance, super slimline design
+ neat workmanship
+ practice-oriented radiation range
+ ultra lightweight
+ supplied with extensive mounting auxiliaries





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