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Horn driver
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High-Range Horn Drivers from Celestion
These midrange speakers and tweeters feature an innovative technology, developed by using the latest computer-aided Finite Element Analysis (FEA). This results in systems featuring a linear frequency response which has mostly been unequalled up to now, a very high efficiency and excellent sound characteristics.
PA horn driver, 50 W, 8 Ω

  • 25 mm (1") horn driver
  • Standard 2-hole screw mounting
  • Neodymium drive system with cooling
  • Wide and extra linear frequency response
  • Very high sound pressure level with lowest distortions
  • From approx. 3,000 Hz already, this driver provides a very high-quality sound in 2-way arrangements, even with 38 cm (15") bass speakers
  • Suitable for horns MRH-200 and MRH-180

HOBBY HIFI 06/2013
“The driver/horn combination CDX1-1430 and MRH-180 offers highly impressive sound qualities and remarkably low THD values. Thus, it is ideally suited for PA applications as well as for high-efficiency and high-level projects meeting the requirements of sophisticated listeners.”





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