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The new high-end tweeters RBT-10, RBT-20 and RBT-35SR
are part of the so-called real ribbon tweeters. The audio signal flows through the entire cone which is of extra low weight and consists of an aluminium film. A built-in high-quality transformer converts the low impedance of this cone into 5-8 Ω which is non-critical for the amplifier. Ribbon tweeters impress by an extra fine and brilliant reproduction of the high frequency range. Due to continuous further development, it is already possible to use these ribbon tweeters with crossover frequencies from 2,500 Hz on, depending on the type. This makes them a top choice whenever hi-fi speakers or studio monitors of the highest quality are required. Ribbon tweeters require a crossover network for operation!
Pair of high-end ribbon tweeters, matched, 12 W, 7 Ω

  • Real ribbon tweeter with neodymium magnet system and transformer
  • A very high sound pressure level and consistent radiation pattern due to horn front attachment
  • Fine and brilliant reproduction of the high frequencies
  • Smooth, unembossed aluminium sandwich cone: 9 x 60 x 0.015 mm
  • For use from 2,500 Hz on via 18 dB filter
  • Horn with mounting flange and protective grille

HOBBY HiFi 06/2014
“The waterfall graph shows a perfect and amazingly fast decay above the fundamental resonance frequency without any interference. ... this tweeter is a top solution for remarkably wide bandwidth applications.”





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