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Hi-fi subwoofer, 2 x 250 WMAX, 2 x 150 WRMS, 2 x 8 Ω

  • High-end speaker with diecast basket
  • Dual voice coil
  • Carbon fibre cone
  • Powerful bass reproduction from bass-reflex cabinets or an especially dry, pulsed sound from very small closed cabinets
  • For hi-fi, home cinema and top car hi-fi

Thiele Small parameters and sound pressure curves for voice coils in parallel or series connection.

Vejl. excl. momsDKK 1.359,20
Vejl. incl. momsDKK 1.699,00

Vejl. incl. moms

DKK 1.699,00

Impedance (Z)2 x 8 Ω
Resonant frequency (fs)18 Hz
Max. frequency rangef3-2,500 Hz
Music power2 x 250 WMAX
Power rating (P)2 x 150 WRMS
SPL (1 W/m)92 dB
Suspension compl. (Cms)0.75 mm/N
Moving mass (Mms)100 g
Mech. Q factor (Qms)6.50
Electr. Q factor (Qes)0.20
Total Q factor (Qts)0.19
Equivalent volume (Vas)225 l
DC resistance (Re)2 x 6 Ω/3 Ω
Force factor (BxL)12.1 Tm
Voice coil induct. (Le)2 x 1.1 mH/1.1 mH
Voice coil diameter62 mm
Voice coil formerKapton
Linear excursion (XMAX)±5.4 mm
Eff. cone area (Sd)495 cm2
Magnet weight1.8 kg
Weight6.0 kg